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    Our Offers

    We do offer both of: First time you do Motor or Engine Change… you get (Free Filter & Oil change) Second time you do Oil Change… you get (Free maintenance booklet for...
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    our new tires services

    We are proud to announce that we had started our tires exchange services which gives the costumer a wide variety of tires to choose from including all premium brands....
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    Extra Care and Customer’s Rest Area

    We do our job from a viewable angle since our customers can watch the work process. Also, we try our best to keep their cars clean and safe while operations. Our Rest Area is full of all...
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    Since 20 years of experience

    Our staff is specialized since 20 years about working on Nissan & Infiniti cars. We are commitment to clean handing & delivering workshops on time....

(MTC) Mechanical Tunning Center :: Nissan & Infiniti Cars Maintenance :: Aley :: Lebanon


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El Kobbe
Atef Abou Fakher
P: +961-5-433378
M: +961-3-531133


12:00PM - 11:00 PM

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Founded in 2000 by a professional staff that has more than 20 years of experience.

We created a new concept named "premium care" of customers' cars. While utilizing intelligent Italian equipment, and submitting clean, on-time work, we have become trusted and well known.

Nissan _ Infiniti




About Us

What we do:

All engine work (Including reassembling)

Full maintenance (Oil filtering – Service – Grand Disk - Breaks)

Gear Box (Auto / Manual)


Transfer case - Transmission

Wheel balance

Our offers:

First time you do Motor / Engine Change… you get (Free Filter & Oil change)

Second time you do Oil Change… you get (Free maintenance booklet for kilometers monitoring)

Our CARE values:

A detailed case description is provided to the customer before & after the process.

  • A very comfortable Customer Rest Area where they can watch the car work. It includes: (Wi-Fi – Snacks – TV – AC) for both smokers & Non-smokers.

  • Drive customers to their homes when they drop-in their cars.

  • Deliver engine washed & cleaned.

  • Original & Used Parts are always available and guaranteed.

  • Test Drive before the job is started & after it is done .

  • Use of clean materials for extra care for clean handing.

  • Professional car record is preserved since the first visit.

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